Congratulations to James Appleyard and the Hanchett Family for March 2022 Awards!

This Worthy Brother Knight only recently joined our council, so he is one of our newer members. However, from the very beginning he has volunteered for virtually every event since he joined us. He is a regular fixture on breakfast burrito days, when the knights assisted in moving the cress after Christmas, mitigation projects, fish fry, soup dinners. The knight is a living example of what it means to give graciously and selflessly to the causes we support for the parish, the community, and for the Knights of Columbus as a whole.
Based upon the Annual Survey of Fraternal Activities this brother Knight gave at least 42 hours last year in his service. Despite a rough start with a family illness at the beginning of the year, this knight was recently exemplified and is now a full 3rd degree knight! And he even recently became infamous as the knight with the handy-dandy tractor as he helped with the Stations of the Cross project just recently. It is my honor to present our brother Knight, James Appleyard recognition as our Knight of the Month for March 2022!

This family can be seen at pretty much every event whether it be a parish or a knight event. They are involved in a number of parish ministries including the knights, ladies auxiliary, Charity and Social Justice committee just to name a few. This Sir Knight has been a knight for 44 years. He also served the council and the knights in several officer positions and does not hesitate to step up and volunteer if he sees a need that should be filled. Despite the number of years that they have consistently volunteered for nearly all events in the parish, they continue to be involved in nearly every project in one way or another. Whether you see them at mass or at one of the many events they participate in, in many ways they are a living example of what it means to be a Catholic family! With admiration of their many years of service and with great thanks for everything that they do for the parish, the community, the ladies auxiliary, and the knights, it is my honor to recognize Brother Sir Knight Ted Hanchett and his wife Cathy as our Family of the month!

Rest in Peace – Brother William D Livingston

Knights of Columbus
Prayer for a deceased brother Knight
Read by Grand Knight on April 7th, 2022 at Council 11730’s General Membership Meeting
William D Livingston
March 5, 1940-March 24, 2020

Dear friends, shortly before his own Passion, our Lord Jesus wept tears with Mary and Martha upon the death of Lazarus. In the midst of this sorrow, he told Martha: “I am the Resurrection and the Life: whoever believes in Me, though he should die, will come to life” (Jn 11 :25-26).
Jesus raised Lazarus from the tomb to teach us that death is not the end for those who believe, but rather a glorious beginning. Upon leaving this world, the faithfully departed begin their journey toward a heavenly dwelling place, prepared for them by Christ who rose from the dead (cf., Jn14:2-3).
The passing away of our earthly life, therefore, is a transition to a new life, in which “every tear is wiped from our faces” (cf., Is 25:8) and sickness, pain and suffering are no more.
Every Knight of Columbus is entrusted to the care of Mary, the Mother of God. We carry the Rosary as the sign of our dedication to her and to her Son. Confident in her motherly love for us all, we entrust the soul of our Brother Knight William Dave Livingston to her, so that she may present him to her Son.