October Award Winners – James Appleyard and the O’Lear Family

Worthy Brother Knight James Appleyard joined our council in March of this year. He has been involved in nearly every event we have conducted since the beginning. His demeanor is exemplary of a knight that lives his life in service. He is a regular fixture on breakfast burrito days, fish fries, roadside cleanups, and soup dinners. The knight is a living example of what it means to give graciously and selflessly to the causes we support for the parish, the community, and for the Knights of Columbus as a whole.
It is my honor to present our brother Knight, James Appleyard recognition as our Knight of the Month for October 2022!
The O’Lear family has a long history with our parish. They have been involved in many parish ministries including Called, Vacation Bible School, National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC), and welcome weekends, just to name a few. Their children are involved as Altar Servers, and middle school youth, and have even helped the knights on a few of our own projects. The children are also regular participants in our annual “Keep Christ in Christmas” poster contest. He is employed as a Defense Contractor and still manages to lead the family as an example of Catholic Family Life. it is our honor to recognize Reid and Becky O’Lear and their children Aibeans, Eilees, and Brina as our Family of the month!