Fr. Mike Schmitz at the Inferno Men’s Conference: Sat. Nov 9th!!

Through simply word-of-mouth by great men like yourself, the Inferno Men’s Conference is nearly 20% sold out after just 2 weeks!!

You’re the men who answered the call for the Inferno Men’s Forums and you’re just the men we hope will form the heart of the community at the November 9th Inferno Men’s Conference!

Advertisement at parishes begins this week and Father Mike Schmitz is widely known and loved. So get the ball rolling now to make sure your family and friends are able to join you!

You can reserve your spot any time at:

NOTE: Tickets ARE transferable and we’ll be keeping a waiting list after the conference sells out. If a conflict comes up for you later, let us know and we’ll help find someone to buy your ticket!!

New By-Laws Approved

This morning, I submitted the Bylaws that the council voted on and approved this week. The bylaws were immediately approved. I suspect they were approved so fast since we complied with the template provided by Supreme. The official copy can be found here with the approval date on it.
–Grand Knight John O’Rourke

Congratulations to our newest 3rd degree Knights!

The new 3rd degree Knights from OLP are:
Jason Miranowski
Charlie Walker
Zavier Morales
Bill Puryear

We had 31 candidates today from Woodland Park, Aurora, Denver, Security and Colorado Springs. The whole event went very well with lots of compliments from all who attended. This included senior state officers, including the next State Deputy Chris Foley, who attend and perform these degree all over the state. Thank you to the Brothers who were able to carve out time today to help pull this off:

Dale Misner
Kurt Misner
Vic Villhard
Greg Sullivan
Thom Csrnko
Ted Hanchett
Jim Peyton
Mack MacGuire
Rick Jarrett (likely future transfer)
District Deputy Dan Rolenc
Insurance Agent Rylee Nelson
John O’Rourke

(Please excuse me for anyone I might have left out)