Congratulations to Perroni Family and Rodney Pierce!

Family of the Month May 2022
This Sir Knight has been a knight and member of this council since 1999. As a couple they are both very involved in the parish and can be often seen helping at events. He originally joined the knights back in 1972, I believe, just before or while he was in the US Air Force. He reactivated his membership in 1999 and has been an active member with 23+ years of service now. He and his wife are both active in the parish as well. She even worked for the parish teaching faith formation, and they are both involved in the Charity & Social Justice committee taking frequent trips to Avondale to deliver food for the needy. They are an excellent example of Catholic family life. To thank you for all your contributions to the community, parish, and the council. Jack and Mary Perroni!

Knight of the month May 2022
This Knight joined the knights in 2007 and now has 15 years of service. His demeanor is quiet, but he makes his presence always felt. He is always one of the first to arrive when we have our burrito Sunday’s, and you can tell by his leadership that he spent many years in the US Navy retiring as a Master Chief I believe. If he is available, no matter the project, he jumps in and helps to fill any need. He lives his life as a Catholic gentleman and as a living example of our pillars of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity we are honored to acknowledge Rodney L Pierce as our Knight of the Month!