January 2022 – Monthly Award Winners: Dan LaChance (Knight), Family (Sullivans)

This Catholic gentleman is fairly new to our council. Like many of us, life has thrown its twists and turns which he has weathered. And like most of us, he wouldn’t probably have joined us except for the love and inspiration and encouragement of his wife.
Since he joined us in November, he has been actively involved in nearly every project. Burritos, parking direction for the Christmas eve mass, moving the nativity scene. He is one of the first to respond to nearly every request for help that I have sent out to the council.
He has quickly been willing to serve the parish and the knights, and it is by his example that will inspire other knights, new and old, to step forward in loving service. I am personally encouraged by this knight’s example and it gives me great pleasure to honor Dan LaChance as our knight of the month for January 2022!

This catholic family has been a strong presence in our parish, the knights, and the community for a long time. A knight since 1975, he and his family have contributed immensely, mostly behind the scenes, to our parish and our council. 33 years is a long time to give seemingly tireless and dedicated service. One of my recent discoveries concerns our burritos. Did you even stop to think about how everything magically appears on those early Sunday mornings? It takes a tremendous amount of organization and pre-planning. Even more, it wasn’t until just recently that I realized that those 18 or 20 pitchers of egg mixture is prepared by hand, using scores of dozens of fresh eggs. Again, just like I mentioned earlier, we are all only as good as the blessing of our spouse.
For all the ministries this family is involved in we are blessed as a parish and a council to have them, and we can all learn by their example. I am pleased to acknowledge Greg and Pam Sullivan as our Family of the Month! Thank you for all that you do!