Knight and Family of the Month – James Wermers, Wayne and Patty Meidninger

James Wermers: This Sir Knight has been a knight since 1980, 42 years! He has been a regular volunteer at most every activity and has become a regular at our monthly breakfast burrito festivities that begin a 630AM. He is a great example of the tireless and consistent dedication to service that exemplifies what being a knight is all about. It is an honor to recognize Sir Knight James Wermers as our council’s Knight of the Month!

Wayne and Patty Meidninger: This family is involved in the parish in several ways. As a knight, this catholic gentleman is also a consistent volunteer and regular fixture at our monthly breakfast burrito events. He became a knight is 2008 and is celebrating his 20th year as a knight. He and his wife are also involved in planning and coordinating our annual parish Spring Ball. As a family, they are a wonderful example of living our faith and being actively involved in the life of our parish. It is an honor to recognize Wayne and Patty Meidninger as our council’s Family of the Month!