Monthly Awards – Knight: Michael Kloenne, Family: Stalps – CONGRATULATIONS

Knight of the Month, Michael T. Kloenne has been a long time Knight of the council completing his 1ast degree in January 1999. He’s Retired AF Officer who now teaches at St. Mary’s HS and has been their biggest advocate for STEM learning. He is a big supporter of Right to Life initiatives and is our Council’s right arm to let us know what is happening at our city’s only Catholic HS. He and his family are often seen around the church helping out in whatever ways they can.

Family of the Month, Steve and Cynthia Stalp, Steven has been a Knight since 1985 and has 36 years of service in the Knights of Columbus. Steve and Cynthia are very involved in the parish and are truly dedicated to serving the needs of the parish and it’s parishioners. Cynthia is the business manager for the parish and Fr. Brad’s right hand. A recent example of the kind service to the parish, including the knights, is the amazing 25th Anniversary dinner given for our council. A lot of the credit for the organization and efficient presentation of our dinner goes to Cynthia and her team.