Nominations for 2021 Fraternal Year Officers

Below is the current list of officer nominations for the next fraternal year starting 1 July. Please note we’re still looking for nominations for some of the positions and additional nominations are also possible for all positions. Elections will be held at the 13 May meeting.

  • Grand Knight: Joe Graff
  • Deputy Grand Knight: TBD
  • Advocate: Greg Sullivan
  • Chancellor: Pierre Gaudreault
  • Warden: Charlie Walker
  • Inside Guard: Mack McGuire
  • Recorder: TBD
  • Inside Guard: Rod Balak
  • Treasurer: Jack Perroni
  • Outside Guard: Gary Munda
  • Trustee (3 Yr.): Steve Reed
  • Trustee (2 Yr.): Rod McNeill
  • Trustee (1 Yr.): John O’Rourke
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