Officer Elections – 11 June

We will have an election on June 11th during an on-line business meeting. In order to try to get maximum attendance, we will hold a practice session on June 4th. It will start at 7pm just like the business meeting.
If you haven’t attended an on-line meeting with us, we would like you to stop in and say hello on June 4th. That way you can make sure everything works before the June 11th meeting. The slate of officers were presented in the April meeting and minutes, but they are again listed at the end of this email. Anyone can add their name at any time up until the election.
We will use Greg Sullivan’s E-Z Talks account for the on-line meetings. You can get into the meeting by clicking the link below and following the instructions. The first time you use EZ-Talks, you computer will download and install the EZ-Talks app so it might take a little longer than normal.
Meeting Link

If you are having issues, you can call Greg Sullivan: 901-212-7660 (Cell)
On-line meetings work best with head sets because they reduce background noise. There is also a mute option when you don’t want everyone to hear things going on at your house.
Slate of Officers:
Grand Knight: Pierre Gaudreault
Dep. GK: Joe Graff
Chancellor: Jason Miranowski
Recorder: Steve Reed
Treasurer: Jack Perroni
Advocate: Greg Sullivan
Warden: Mack McGuire
Inside Guard: Charlie Walker
Inside Guard: Rod Balak
Outside Guard: Gary Munda
Trustee (3 Yr.): Rodney McNeil
Trustee (2 Yr.): John O’Rourke
Trustee (1 Yr.): Gary Havens
Financial Secretary: Vic Villhard