September Monthly Award Winners!

Congratulations to our latest award winners!

Knight of the Month: Charlie Walker

Charlie Walker – Knight of the Month

This Catholic Gentleman during the last month worked on 3 different projects. He led the way on the memorial paver project by single handedly cutting down the area, removing the weed barrier fabric, reducing the level to accommodate the sand, base and memorial bricks. He then led the mitigation project on the parish grounds west of the church. He coordinated the knights and ladies that chipped in to help and got a lot done on the removal of dead fall and pine needles including cutting down several dead trees as well. This was all done on the day before the parish picnic. The very next day at the picnic he led the cooking crew. But first he arrived about 3 or 4 hours before the picnic to completely clean and power wash the grill. And then again cleaned the grill after the picnic. For this and many other reasons Charlie Walker is our knight of the month!

Family of the Month: Jerry and Peggy Grant
I have known this Catholic Gentleman and his wife going back somewhere around 30 years. But this couple also works tirelessly for the parish. Not only were they both lending a hand at the mitigation project, but then, again the next day at the picnic they were seen pitching in wherever any work was needed. Over the years they have always helped out whenever and wherever it was needed and they have been active in the parish in numerous projects as well. It is my pleasure to award Jerry & Peggy Grant as our family of the month.