Storage Building Resolution

The first reading of this resolution was completed during the August meeting. The second reading will be during the September meeting.
There will be an opportunity for continued discussion.


A. Be it resolved that Knights of Columbus Council 11730 donate $2000 towards the cost of the new storage building for the Our Lady of The Pines Parish Facilities Directorate. In return, the Knights of Columbus Council 11730 will:
1) Receive dedicated use of the original OLP Facilities Directorate 16X12 storage building located at the Northwest corner of the Parish Hall
2) Vacate the small storage area, located immediately outside the West entrance to the Parish Hall
3) Maintain possession, and use, of the original Knights’ Closet in the East Parish Hall
B. Be it also resolved that Knights of Columbus Council 11730 allocate $1000 towards future site enhancements (ground, amenities, and structural) to bring new storage building/area, access and function, to appropriate levels.

1. OLP needs a much larger storage building for facility maintenance equipment, seasonal decorations, work area for equipment maintenance, and the like. You can see the proposed site for that new structure in the accompanying picture (Light blue arrow). That project should start about Sept 2020. OLP Facilities Directorate will move all of its storage from the shed on the Northwest corner of the Parish Hall (Red arrow in accompanying picture) to the new storage building, when completed.
2. OLP proposed the following:
a. OLP is proposing to offer the current Facility Maintenance shed (Red Arrow) to the Knight’s Council. This is a 12X16 Shed with electricity. As you can see from the picture, it has a double door to the driveway side and a signle door to the right side (blue arrows. Both doors are large enough to move items as large as our grill, Steamer, fryers, etc.
b. Knight’s would retain the current Knights closet in the Parish Hall. However, Knights, would permanently vacate the small storage area (See Green Arrow in accompanying picture) opening onto the patio between Parish Hall and Office Building (move Grill and other Knight’s items out of the small storage area, to the new storage area).
c. The Knights’ Council, 11730, contributes $2000 to OLP to assist in defraying cost for the new storage facility and to acquire the old storage facility. – My comment: Much cheaper than going out and getting a storage shed (with Electricity) of this size.
3. The extra $1000 (referenced in “B.” above) represents site improvements, TBD, around the shed and access areas to/from the shed and patio/Parish Hall/surrounding area of the shed.