Faith Activities
a. Refund Support Vocations Program – direct contributions to students studying to become priests or postulants.
b. Church Facilities – construction, repairs, remodeling, memorial gifts, etc.
c. Catholic Schools/Seminaries – donations, grants, equipment, etc.
d. Religious/Vocations Education – scholarships, CCD, lay apostolate, programs, speakers, films, program materials, etc.
e. Prayer & Study Programs – direct contributions to prayer groups, faith program materials, domestic church kiosk, rosary program, Marian Icon program, etc.
f. Sacramental Gifts – costs related to gifts presented to the congregation. g. Miscellaneous Faith Activities – all other disbursements not outlined above relating to Faith Activities.
g. Miscellaneous Faith Activities – all other disbursements not outlined above relating to Faith Activities.  This includes participating in the Rosary before mass.

Family Activities
a. Food for Families – direct contributions to food banks, pantries, soup kitchens.
b. Family Formation Programs – Family Fully Alive, Family of the Month/Year, Consecration to the Holy Family, Good Friday Family Promotion, etc.
c. Keep Christ in Christmas – all contributions to KCIC, Journey to the Inn, Light Up for Christ, Christmas Poster Contest, billboard signs, etc.
d. Family Week – direct contributions to the coordination, promotion, and conduct of this program.
e. Family Prayer Night – direct contributions to coordination and execution of this program.
f. Miscellaneous Family Programs – all other disbursements not outlined above relating to Family Activities.

Community Activities
a. Coats For Kids – direct contributions to purchasing and distribution of coats to those in need.
b. Global Wheelchair Mission – direct contributions to purchasing and coordination of wheelchair distribution to the needy.
c. Habitat for Humanity – direct contributions to Habitat for Humanity projects, materials, tools, and construction.
d. Disaster Preparedness/Relief – direct contributions to planning and executing disaster preparedness and response, food, water, equipment, etc.
e. Physically Disabled/Intellectual Disabilities – direct contributions to schools, care services, organizations, etc.
f. Elderly/Widow(er) Care – direct contributions to homes for the aged, retired/senior volunteer programs, construction, repairs, remodeling, gifts, etc.
g. Hospitals/Health Organizations – direct contributions to Red Cross, Hospice, heart/cancer funds, equipment, construction, donations, etc.
h. Columbian Squires – direct contributions to the operations and support of the Columbian Squires program.
i. Scouting/Youth Groups – direct contributions to sponsorship, volunteer efforts, projects, 4-H, Big Brothers, CYO, mentoring, etc.
j. Athletics – direct contributions to council sport events, youth sport sponsorships, equipment, transportation, etc.
k. Youth Welfare/Service – direct contributions to substance/child abuse, foster parents, etc.
l. Scholarships/Education – direct contributions to career nights, essay contests, scholarships, tuition, fund raising, etc.
m. Veteran Military/VAVS – direct contributions to veterans, VA hospital support/visitation, memorials, parades, etc.
n. Miscellaneous Community/Youth Activities – all other disbursements not outlined above relating to Community Activities.  This includes helping with Breakfast Burritos and Roadside Cleanup.

Life Activities
a. Special Olympics – direct contributions to local, state, and national events.
b. Marches for Life – direct contributions to local, state, and nation marches.
c. Ultrasound Initiative – direct contributions to the purchase and placement of Ultrasound machines for crisis pregnancy centers.
d. Pregnancy Center Support – direct contributions to donations, diapers, supplies, baby showers, birthright, etc.
e. Christian Refugee Relief – direct contributions to aid provided to refugee relief, Solidarity Crosses.
f. Memorials to Unborn Children – direct contributions to purchases, fund raisers, donations, construction, etc.
g. Miscellaneous Life Activities – all other disbursements not outlined above relating to Life Activities. This includes the Baby Bottle Drive.