Nominations for 2021 Fraternal Year Officers

Below is the current list of officer nominations for the next fraternal year starting 1 July. Please note we’re still looking for nominations for some of the positions and additional nominations are also possible for all positions. Elections will be held at the 13 May meeting.

  • Grand Knight: Joe Graff
  • Deputy Grand Knight: TBD
  • Advocate: Greg Sullivan
  • Chancellor: Pierre Gaudreault
  • Warden: Charlie Walker
  • Inside Guard: Mack McGuire
  • Recorder: TBD
  • Inside Guard: Rod Balak
  • Treasurer: Jack Perroni
  • Outside Guard: Gary Munda
  • Trustee (3 Yr.): Steve Reed
  • Trustee (2 Yr.): Rod McNeill
  • Trustee (1 Yr.): John O’Rourke
  • Knight of the Month – Joe Graff

    Joe Graff. Our Deputy Grand Knight produced and hosted four Into the Breach Retreats, during the months of November, January, February and March. These retreats, sponsored by the Knight’s of Columbus, offered men both spiritual and practical guidance to be leaders of faith in their families and communities.

    Monthly Awards – Deacon Bill and Kantack Family

    Knight of the Month: Deacon Bill Bollwerk: Deacon Bill has been a supporter of the Knights of Columbus for a long time. He has regularly attended our monthly council meetings as the chaplain’s representative. He keeps us in tune with the Pastor’s intentions and provide valuable insight into the upcoming events and opportunities to provide assistance to our parish community. He also serves as a liaison with the staff to facilitate support for parish activities.

    Family of the Month: Bryan and Amanda Kantack: Bryan Kantack has been very active in the council’s main fundraiser, breakfast burrito production and sales. Both Bryan and Amanda have volunteered many hours with the parish youth ministry program. Bryan is also the operations director for the Rampart H.S. band.

    Knight of the Month – Chaplain Father Brad!

    Chaplain Father Brad has been showing our council and the parish that he is proud to be a Knight from the time he became Pastor of Our Lady of the Pines last Summer. He has spoken well of us at Masses and even added our logo to the parish calendar. Father Brad’s support of the Knights is evident to all and very much appreciated by the council. We appreciate his leadership, advice and support as we continue to grow and support Our Lady of the Pines and our Pastor.

    Council Receives Prestigious Awards! And 2020 Summary Report.

    Congratulations to all who helped our council receive some recent prestigious awards!

    We received the Columbian Award for our involvement in four areas: Community Programs, Faith Program, Family Programs, and Life Programs. Special thanks to Sir Knight John O’Rourke for championing the initiative.

    Also, we received special recognition for being one of the Top 25 Councils in the State of Colorado! What a great fraternity we’ve become!

    FYI, although 2020 was a different year making it harder to gather and participate in events, we still made some noteworthy contributions. Here’s our 2020 report.

    Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest Winners

    Council 11730 is happy to announce the results of the 2020 Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest. It’s heart warming to see the true meaning of Christmas through our children’s eyes.

    Age group winners are:
    Julianna Sutherland (age 5-7)

    Grant Suerdieck (age 8-10)

    Eilee O’Lear (age 11-14)

    Thank you to all of our participants for their efforts and sharing their talents:
    William Suerdieck
    Grace Suerdieck
    Danielle Suerdieck
    Odin Cole
    Anderson “Sonny” Cole
    David Sutherland
    Michael Fulton

    Bible in a Year

    Here is the Bible in a Year info. It takes about 20min/day.

    1. The email talks about iTunes downloads. I have an Android phone and listen via Spotify, but any podcast app should work.
    2. They recommend the Great Adventure Bible. I don’t have that version and am getting along fine. Looks like a good Bible though.